Saturday, July 18, 2009

skunky poo.

i made this skunk for one of my friends (FOR FREEEEEE! :p) and will soon be shipping it out.
i change the thread around her neck to a pretty pink ribbon that looks MUCH better.
i'll see if i'll remember to take pics before i ship her out.
i used my own pattern and didn't write it down. ;_; ah well.
i've weened away from using patterns. surprise! i'm learning! haha.

fun fur =/= fun. it's a fucking bitch to use. :( but i need to use it for my next little project that i can't announce on here. ^___^
but pics will be up soon when i finish.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


a kitty i just finished! :D
used my own pattern and i just recently figured out how to mak them stand.
the face was a bitch to do and did one before the one over there and soon realized i was doing it backwards. ahahaha.

my boyfriend thinks it looks like hamtaro because of the colors. -___-;;

anddddd i'm working on a skunk now. :3

that one ebay guy hasn't talked back to me yet. >:(
i've got a luma ready for him and everything. grrrrrrr.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


sorry for the blurry pic, i'm now using my boyfriend's camera to take pics. >___o
anyway, this was his bday present.
i'm getting much better at sewing by hand and by machine.
i can actually press the pedal to make the needle go faster without freaking out. XP

he's also a bit bigger than the green one i made.
super huggable too! :D

i've been working on a lot for the ebay guy so i can get all of his stuff shipped out soon. so much work...

Saturday, July 4, 2009


i've realized that most of what i'm creating now is coming from dreams.
instead of writing children's books, i think i'll show off my ideas by creating plushies.
someone had asked me this on deviant art and that's what i replied with.
sadly, though, when i wake up, most of my ideas are gone within 5 minutes of being awake.

i either need to write/draw them down or find a better way to remember.

i've also realized that the 9-5 job isn't for me.
especially in customer service.
i want to createcreatecreate and never stop.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009


luma plushiesssssss! ^oo^!
they're so easy to make. heheh.
i just finished a pink one (with matching thread, mind you!) and am falling in love with that damn sewing machine.

i learned how to change the bobbin today. :3
i felt so proud. hehehe.
anyway, back to making more!