Tuesday, June 30, 2009

RIP mj

this is i guess a tribute to michael jackson's glove. :p
the yarn was much thinner than what i'm used to working with and so it came out a little awkward looking.
plus, i don't think i'll be working with that thin of yarn again. x_____x so frustrating.
he stands 4 1/2" tall and about 3" wide.
much, much smaller than my normal sized ones.

this is for the guy that bought it off of ebay.
he's also ordering at least 5 more normal sized ones! :D
i'm so excited! i'll be making so much money for them. ^o^
ebay was definitely a good choice to go to.
maybe i'll do it again when i finish up with him.
hopefully he doesn't sell them. D;

anyway, back to worrrrrrrk.

Friday, June 26, 2009

look what i made!

a heartless plushie!
i decided to put down my hook and yarn and picked up a needle and thread.
i took a break from the lumas and goombas and went to a different game.
it's my first time sewing something and it didn't turn out too horrible. :)
he's made from fleece, felt, polyfil and wire (so his antennas are posable!).
he stands 15 1/2" tall from head to toe, 28" from antenna to toe and 14" from arm to arm.
his proportions are a little off and some parts are longer than others, but that just makes him more special. :3

the sewing machine broke this morning so i had to do all of the leftover sewing by hand, which is more relaxing than it sounds.
i'm pretty glad i tried something new! :D and i'm really proud with how he turned out. hehehe.

anyway, i've made a few lumas to send out. once they get their money situation in order.
i also posted a luma on ebay and someone bought it! ^3^
now i just gotta make whatever color they want and ship it out.
man, i could run my own little business. teehee.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


this one i completed a few days ago.
it's for my friend joey that's actually paying. :D
currently, i'm working on one for my friend lizz and then one for my friend marcos.
and THEN. two for another friend in new mexico. whenever he decides to send the yarn to me.

and after that it's gonna be a goomba for my boyfriend. which is actually going to happen right after i finish lizz's. hopefully tonight because he's getting grumpy that i haven't made him anything. :(

back to work!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

luma pt. 2

here's the muuuuch better version of my luma. ^3^
i'm thinking about selling a few of them, so if ya want one, hit me up and i'll make whatever color you want.

next project: a goomba!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

completely luma. lawl.

my luma is finally complete!
i'm somewhat happy with how it turned out, but i wish i had thought about putting the wire in before i sewed everything up.
i'm either going to leave it how it is or tear it open and perform surgery.
haven't decided yet.

but i learned a lot about how the legs and arms are attached. the arms are a way worse than the legs, but it'll be fixed in the next one i make. 3:<

aaaaaaaanyway, i'm gonna play me some twilight princess. or super mario galaxy. heheh.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


it's a luma!
from super mario galaxy.

she just needs arms and legs now.

i'm kind of upset about the curl at the top. i forgot to put in the wire and now it just looks lame. T_T

next time i'll remember...

anyway, back to the project!

Friday, June 12, 2009


he is now complete! :D
and i couldn't be more happy. hehe.
he turned out better than i expected and much cuter.

now he needs a name...suggestions?

Thursday, June 11, 2009


yes! an update already about my octopus. ^o^
my inspiration is this:


i am back in action!

have a few projects lined up.

going to make a heracross for my stepbrother's birthday if i can figure out the pattern i want to use.
it's in japanese and it uses charts.
i don't know japanese and i don't know how to read charts.
so i've been asking around for help and there are quittttttttttte a few people out there that have helped significantly.

still working on my octopus...but it's turning out verrrrrrry cute. ^o^
can't wait to finish it and post pics.

a luma will be next!
i recently bought a wii with super mario galaxy and they are TOO ADORABLE.
i haaaaave to make one.
and there's a few pics for inspiration online. woohoo!

then there's navi! i need to figure out wings, but other than that should be a snap.
i'm kinda going on a video game amigurumi rampage!
but all for the love. *swoons*

sooooooooo, now that i've mentioned everything, it's time to get to work! >:3

btw, i've set up a ravely account if you're interested.

Monday, June 8, 2009


hurt my hand and have been going crazy wanting to crochet. :(

haven't been able to do anything with my octopus. arghhhhh!

heal faster wrist!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

extra time.

i've been working like crazy and naoooooooooooo, it's all paid off and i get a week off! ^____^

currently, i'm working on an angry octopus.
i finally figured out how to make the tentacles curl and felt rather stupid when i did. ahaha.
but now it'll make my octopus look even better.
the tentacles are going slower than i imagined because i'm distracted by the god damn internet. >:(

he's also going to have a white tie thingy around his head to make him even more cute. :D

this was my first attempt at an octopus. with only 4 "tentacles" because i was sick of making all the little legs and decided he looked fine with just 4.
my friend thought he resembled a deku shrub. now i just need to add leaves to his head! :)
it doesn't show it in the pic, but his mouth does stick out and you can put your finger in there if you wanted.

anyway, i'm kinda going stir crazy because of how i'm used to working all day. i don't know what to do with my time! i'm playing my ds, crocheting, surfing the web all at once.
time to focus!