Saturday, May 30, 2009


very neglected blog.

hellohellohellohellohello. :D

i've been quite busy! i've got so many hours at work i pretty much want to kill myself, but the cash flow is fantasticcccc.

i've given up on the owls for awhile and moved on to cupcakes.
they should have been like, the first amigurumi i made, but i wanted to make a retarded looking moogle my first try. hahaha.
anyway, they're going along pretty well. working on my second one.
last thursday didn't work this month for my friend and i.
we're gonna try for next month's last thursday, giving me more time to broaden what i'm going to be selling. wooohooo.
owls, cupcakes...any more ideas? i was thinking maybe fruit. we'll see.

i also found that i love joann's much more than i love michael's. they actually have the safety eyes i was looking for.
no more ordering online! ^___^

also, during the summer i'm gonna make one of my friends totoro. i found a super cute pattern and she's super obsessed with that anime.

nothing else has really been happening, besides my total lack of friend interactions.
(i'm sorry!)
tonight i'm going to try to make something happen with them. haha.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

optimism is me.

oh, how i've been slacking in crocheting.

i've been doing nothing but playing the sims and working so far this summer.


time to force myself to get that shit done.

thursday's the deadline.

think i can do it?


Thursday, May 21, 2009


another cat gone.

bad day.

Monday, May 18, 2009


ohhhhhh, what a crazy weekend.
my sister and her kids are over and they're pretty much non-stop.
they're energizer bunnies! literally!

which also means i haven't had much time to get much of anything done. :(
i JUST started on a third owl. arggghhh.

just a short little update.
i'm not dead. even though i posted only a few days ago.

oh, and i've been playing a lot of the sims.
lesbian sims ftw! <3

Friday, May 15, 2009


no pictures today, sadly.
but i have finished 2 more owls going up for sale. >:3

today was EXHAUSTING though.
had to watch my sister's devil children for 3 hours while her and my mom went shopping. >__o
i'll have to get used to it though.
thennnnnn went to the end up the school year party which was pretty fun.
besides the fact that my friend taylor was smacking me on the back when he was trying to push me on a swing. ahaha.
we got there kinda late so most of the snacky food was gone. :(
plus there was sooo many people there i didn't even know went to that school. SHOCKINGGGGGGG.
not really.

i don't think i've been sleeping well either.
weird dreams, waking up randomly, yuck.
i've been much more tired than i have been in a long ass time.
and i actually get hours this week and next and i'm pretty much going to be dead.
please fire me.
i'd rather be at home crocheting. hahaha.

anyway, short, pointless post this time.
thought i should keep updated or something.

soon, darling, soon.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

school is OVAAA!

i'm finally done with school for the summer!
and i couldn't be more relieved.
though i didn't pass all of my classes...i'm still happy to be out of that school. yargggghhh.
it brings a lot of free time, seattle and a buttload of hours at work.
i'll be rollin' in the dough. mmmmhmmmm.

today i went to a place called the button empor
they have a shiiiiiit ton of buttons there, but i was kind of disappointed at how little they had of the kind that i wanted. :(
they were also pretty spendy. i spent around $14 for about 10? buttons.
something like that.
at least the old guy was nice.
i think i'll stick to michael's or something.

i finally have pictures of my owlettes! :D
if you didn't notice already.
i had to turn them in today to my teacher, and will miss them dearly. :p
i'm going to make a bunch more of these and sell them last thursday (may 28th) since it's free to set up a table.
a friend and i are going to sneak down there and be all... "BLAM! OWLS! AND! STUFF!"
and hopefully people will buy some.
i was influenced by a girl that reminds me of ariel in my science class who told me about it and told me i should sell them for much higher than i was thinking.
who knows. i can be talked down if someone wants to try.

my animation project!
took me FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR to do and finish.
i don't have the patience for doing something like this, but it did go over well with the rest of the class.

anyway, enjoy, relax, whatevs.
i'm going to sleep. or to watch daria.
whichever one comes first.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

what doesn't kill you makes you stronger...

(or in my case, weaker. my hands are killing me!)
these are my baby owls!
i've made 4 but i didn't really like how the other one turned out. :(
and i still need to finish the one on the left, though i'm really digging how he looks right now. reminds me of a kitty. ^o^

annnnnd they're due tomorrow! hopefully my teacher falls in love with them and gives me the full amount of points! >:O
they're also going to be in an amination with my pyramid head doll for yet another class. reusing things i've already created is a good way to save time.
these guys don't take too long, but when i have to use different yarn on some, it gets really frustrating.

only two more days of class and then i'm outtttttttt! ^_______^
summer will hopefully brings good things and fun times. :D
off to watch daria. again. eek.
i'm in love with that show. YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

anyway, nighty night!

ps. why isn't anyone excited about what i create?! :(

Monday, May 11, 2009

work smerk.

soooooooooooooooo, i'm currently working on my science project.
and i'm making 4 little owls! :D
so here's this little guy.
i used the pattern from roman sock. i wasn't originally going to use this pattern, but i wanted to try something new.
and luckily, it turned out pretty well! ^___^
i'm really loving his superly duperly huge eyes!
i need to make three more still.
two more of this guy and one in black, white and gray.
all by wednesday! with two other projects to finish. hopefully i can accomplish everything on time. :(
i hate finals week, but that means summer is that much closer.
so close i can almost taste ittttt!!
oh, and the sun isn't helping. i look outside while i crochet on my bed longing to be out in the sun playing or swimming or something.

anyway, i'm jonesin' for some sims 2 right now. my boyfriend got me completely addicted to the sims again. which is the worst idea everrrrr.
i lose track of time everytime i play. hahaha.
but! i'm going to buy a desktop computer this summer so i can catch up on those pc games i've been missing out on. (left 4 dead! ^o^)

i should probably get back to work though.

(i'll post all of my cute owls once they're done.)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

mother's day.

happy mother's day to all the mommys! :D
this is what i made for my mom.
it was kind of frustrating to do once i put everything together because it didn't look as good as i was thinking it would.
butttttttt then once it was all assembled, it turned out pretty rad! ^____^
i got the pattern from planetjune and thought my mom would love it. i'll make her take it to work and put it on her desk. :)

sooooo, i saw star trek last night.
and after having never seen any episode or movie, i thought it was pretty awesome.
the story seems pretty fun to follow, but i don't think i could watch it outside of j. j. abrahms version, though the camera was a bit shaky for me (and yet i love cloverfield...).
(still a bigger star wars fan!)

anyway, it's mother's day and i should be spending it with my mom instead of BLOGGING. ughhhh.
i'm out!
<3 nic

Saturday, May 9, 2009

some things i'm done.

this is a bubblehead nurse. she's from silent hill. she looks more brown in this picture, but in person she's much more red and looks much bloodier. her hat kinda annoys me and if i end up making another nurse, i'll definitely find a better way to make it look a teensy bit better in person. picture can hide everything! >:0

this is Pyramid Head. he's also from silent hill. he took a lot of frustration to complete but i'm extremely happy with him! :3
he's also the first crocheted dolly i've made so far that i'm proud of.

overall, i'd love to do more monsters to complete a silent hill series. :D
but they're kinda hard despite these guys. i also need to learn how to crochet mouths that open. D:<
it'd be extremely useful if i wanted to complete a series. heheh.
anyway, i'm out!
<3 nic

Friday, May 8, 2009


so, i just got back from a bonfire-ish type thing.
it was just in a good friend's back yard with a bunch of random teenagers, though still fun.

s'mores galore! :D

but i've decided that i'm going to crochet the cheshire cat. i've been looking around to see what other people have come up with, but i can't seem to find any that are crocheted (if anyone knows of any, lemme know).

currently, i'm working on a few things.
1. persepolis doll for my boyfriend's femininity class (which he is going to take credit for, ugh).
2. probably a caterpillar for my science class to show something with color..and how people can see different colors if they have something wrong with their eyes. i still don't know what we're doing...
3. amineko for my new baby brother. weeee.
4. a daffodil for my mom for mother's day!

that's all i can think of now.
it's time for daria and then sleep time.


hopefully i don't forget about this blog. i seem to be horrible at keeping up to date with blogs. :(
but i'm going to try again.

anyway, this is going to be kept kinda short and whatnot.
it'll mostly be about my adventures with amigurumi crocheting and what's happenin' in my life.

<3 nic