Tuesday, May 12, 2009

what doesn't kill you makes you stronger...

(or in my case, weaker. my hands are killing me!)
these are my baby owls!
i've made 4 but i didn't really like how the other one turned out. :(
and i still need to finish the one on the left, though i'm really digging how he looks right now. reminds me of a kitty. ^o^

annnnnd they're due tomorrow! hopefully my teacher falls in love with them and gives me the full amount of points! >:O
they're also going to be in an amination with my pyramid head doll for yet another class. reusing things i've already created is a good way to save time.
these guys don't take too long, but when i have to use different yarn on some, it gets really frustrating.

only two more days of class and then i'm outtttttttt! ^_______^
summer will hopefully brings good things and fun times. :D
off to watch daria. again. eek.
i'm in love with that show. YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

anyway, nighty night!

ps. why isn't anyone excited about what i create?! :(

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  1. ok so this is weird. i never use my blogger, but i just decided i should maybe update the profile. i add "fanboys" to my favorite movies, and i noticed i could click it! so i did, then i found you. then i found your cute little owls! so hey, i'm totally excited about what you create ;D