Friday, May 15, 2009


no pictures today, sadly.
but i have finished 2 more owls going up for sale. >:3

today was EXHAUSTING though.
had to watch my sister's devil children for 3 hours while her and my mom went shopping. >__o
i'll have to get used to it though.
thennnnnn went to the end up the school year party which was pretty fun.
besides the fact that my friend taylor was smacking me on the back when he was trying to push me on a swing. ahaha.
we got there kinda late so most of the snacky food was gone. :(
plus there was sooo many people there i didn't even know went to that school. SHOCKINGGGGGGG.
not really.

i don't think i've been sleeping well either.
weird dreams, waking up randomly, yuck.
i've been much more tired than i have been in a long ass time.
and i actually get hours this week and next and i'm pretty much going to be dead.
please fire me.
i'd rather be at home crocheting. hahaha.

anyway, short, pointless post this time.
thought i should keep updated or something.

soon, darling, soon.

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