Saturday, May 30, 2009


very neglected blog.

hellohellohellohellohello. :D

i've been quite busy! i've got so many hours at work i pretty much want to kill myself, but the cash flow is fantasticcccc.

i've given up on the owls for awhile and moved on to cupcakes.
they should have been like, the first amigurumi i made, but i wanted to make a retarded looking moogle my first try. hahaha.
anyway, they're going along pretty well. working on my second one.
last thursday didn't work this month for my friend and i.
we're gonna try for next month's last thursday, giving me more time to broaden what i'm going to be selling. wooohooo.
owls, cupcakes...any more ideas? i was thinking maybe fruit. we'll see.

i also found that i love joann's much more than i love michael's. they actually have the safety eyes i was looking for.
no more ordering online! ^___^

also, during the summer i'm gonna make one of my friends totoro. i found a super cute pattern and she's super obsessed with that anime.

nothing else has really been happening, besides my total lack of friend interactions.
(i'm sorry!)
tonight i'm going to try to make something happen with them. haha.

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