Monday, May 11, 2009

work smerk.

soooooooooooooooo, i'm currently working on my science project.
and i'm making 4 little owls! :D
so here's this little guy.
i used the pattern from roman sock. i wasn't originally going to use this pattern, but i wanted to try something new.
and luckily, it turned out pretty well! ^___^
i'm really loving his superly duperly huge eyes!
i need to make three more still.
two more of this guy and one in black, white and gray.
all by wednesday! with two other projects to finish. hopefully i can accomplish everything on time. :(
i hate finals week, but that means summer is that much closer.
so close i can almost taste ittttt!!
oh, and the sun isn't helping. i look outside while i crochet on my bed longing to be out in the sun playing or swimming or something.

anyway, i'm jonesin' for some sims 2 right now. my boyfriend got me completely addicted to the sims again. which is the worst idea everrrrr.
i lose track of time everytime i play. hahaha.
but! i'm going to buy a desktop computer this summer so i can catch up on those pc games i've been missing out on. (left 4 dead! ^o^)

i should probably get back to work though.

(i'll post all of my cute owls once they're done.)

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