Saturday, May 9, 2009

some things i'm done.

this is a bubblehead nurse. she's from silent hill. she looks more brown in this picture, but in person she's much more red and looks much bloodier. her hat kinda annoys me and if i end up making another nurse, i'll definitely find a better way to make it look a teensy bit better in person. picture can hide everything! >:0

this is Pyramid Head. he's also from silent hill. he took a lot of frustration to complete but i'm extremely happy with him! :3
he's also the first crocheted dolly i've made so far that i'm proud of.

overall, i'd love to do more monsters to complete a silent hill series. :D
but they're kinda hard despite these guys. i also need to learn how to crochet mouths that open. D:<
it'd be extremely useful if i wanted to complete a series. heheh.
anyway, i'm out!
<3 nic

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