Thursday, May 14, 2009

school is OVAAA!

i'm finally done with school for the summer!
and i couldn't be more relieved.
though i didn't pass all of my classes...i'm still happy to be out of that school. yargggghhh.
it brings a lot of free time, seattle and a buttload of hours at work.
i'll be rollin' in the dough. mmmmhmmmm.

today i went to a place called the button empor
they have a shiiiiiit ton of buttons there, but i was kind of disappointed at how little they had of the kind that i wanted. :(
they were also pretty spendy. i spent around $14 for about 10? buttons.
something like that.
at least the old guy was nice.
i think i'll stick to michael's or something.

i finally have pictures of my owlettes! :D
if you didn't notice already.
i had to turn them in today to my teacher, and will miss them dearly. :p
i'm going to make a bunch more of these and sell them last thursday (may 28th) since it's free to set up a table.
a friend and i are going to sneak down there and be all... "BLAM! OWLS! AND! STUFF!"
and hopefully people will buy some.
i was influenced by a girl that reminds me of ariel in my science class who told me about it and told me i should sell them for much higher than i was thinking.
who knows. i can be talked down if someone wants to try.

my animation project!
took me FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR to do and finish.
i don't have the patience for doing something like this, but it did go over well with the rest of the class.

anyway, enjoy, relax, whatevs.
i'm going to sleep. or to watch daria.
whichever one comes first.

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