Friday, June 26, 2009

look what i made!

a heartless plushie!
i decided to put down my hook and yarn and picked up a needle and thread.
i took a break from the lumas and goombas and went to a different game.
it's my first time sewing something and it didn't turn out too horrible. :)
he's made from fleece, felt, polyfil and wire (so his antennas are posable!).
he stands 15 1/2" tall from head to toe, 28" from antenna to toe and 14" from arm to arm.
his proportions are a little off and some parts are longer than others, but that just makes him more special. :3

the sewing machine broke this morning so i had to do all of the leftover sewing by hand, which is more relaxing than it sounds.
i'm pretty glad i tried something new! :D and i'm really proud with how he turned out. hehehe.

anyway, i've made a few lumas to send out. once they get their money situation in order.
i also posted a luma on ebay and someone bought it! ^3^
now i just gotta make whatever color they want and ship it out.
man, i could run my own little business. teehee.

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